You Have The Power…


“There’s a dramatic difference between the kind of work that begins and the kind of work that completes the building of a house. Laying a foundation requires careful attention to plumb and level. It is demanding work requiring stamina and perseverance. The final work of decorating floors and walls is easy by comparison. A foundation is rarely noticed or appreciated, but everyone sees the decor’–it’s valued because it’s visible!

The body of Christ, the church, is built in a similar way. Not every job is easy, visible, or appreciated. But if a house were built physically the way churches are often built spiritually, it would be out-of-plumb and tottering, for the foundation work would be incomplete. However, every tilted wall and not-so-square foot might be artfully decorated! It’s easy-but dangerous-to value what is visible over what is essential.

“There is no substitute for laying a solid foundation. Teaching children may not be the easiest or most visible job. But the quality of the foundation determines whether the structure stands or falls.” Jody Burgin “Children’s Ministry-No Higher Calling”
You can make a difference pouring into to the best outreach opportunity available – from within your own ministry!

The Benefits of Us Serving The Children…

We Foster Growth

Our committed goal is to give children the opportunity to experience a sincere relationship with God by helping them to develop a hunger to become Christ-Centered & Kingdom-Driven.  This is done primarily by teaching the the Word of God on their level.

We Create A Safe Enviornment

We create a safe environment for the children so everyone can feel at ease so all can focus on what we are here for – to be encouraged, learn and pass on the gift of God’s power in our lives.

We Practice Family

By getting involved, you help to make our ministry smaller and more family-oriented by allowing us to connect with you in your life journey on a more personal level.

We Create Fun

The best way for children to learn is through fun!  It opens their minds and hearts to receive the Word of God in a special way.  And this works for us as adults, being we are but bigger versions of them!

How You Can Partner With Us

What you love to do, You can do in Kidz Church too! Kidz Church Motto
The best way is to do what you love to do already! You love to cook – come and cook; If you love to teach, come and teach; If you are a greeter, then greet!
There are opportunities even if you want to try something new! Here is how you can serve:

On Service Days

Helping with the flow of service

Our Greatest Need

Pick a service per month, bi-weekly or become a weekend warrior!

Preparing For Our Services

Help Put Things in Place

Help Prep our Warriors for Success

From administrative work to food and class prep to feeding the fish - help ensure our team is ready to succeed!

Ministry Support Staff

Support the Service Leaders and teachers during services

Administrative Team

Provide administrative support during week and service times

Ministry Teaching Team

These individuals have a gift, desire, and talent to teach and educate our children to experience, acknowledge and understand Jesus at their level.

Media Support

Support ministry during the services w audio/video/light equipment and/or assists with service prep via video/audio recording or prep

Other Great Ministry Roles

Other Great Ministry Roles




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