Body Building Classes are designed to help members of The Word Church become more loyal disciples of Christ and to achieve success spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. Body Building Classes will transform your mind, body, soul and spirit as you take the opportunity to continue to seek God on a deeper level. The classes focus on revealing God through study and illumination of His will in each session.

The Book of James (8 Weeks)

Guidelines for a Happy Christian Life

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The Book of James is reminiscent of the book of Proverbs and contains echoes of the Sermon on the Mount. It has a practical emphasis, stressing godly behavior. James writes with a passionate desire for the readers to be obedient to the Word of God. He complements Paul’s emphasis on justification by faith with his own emphasis on spiritual fruitfulness demonstrating true faith. In this course, we will discover how to truly practice our faith in how we face trials, in the way we treat people, in what we say, in how we deal with sin in our lives, and in our prayer life.

Discovering God’s Good News for You (5 Weeks)

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In Discovering God’s Good News for You, you’ll study the first eight chapters of Paul’s letter to the Romans where he explains how everyone can attain right standing before God. It includes easy-to-understand explanations and applications of Bible passages, study questions, and a journal for notes and prayers.


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So many people know about Jesus, but they don’t really understand why Jesus had to suffer and die. Experiencing the Passion of Christ will give you a front-row seat as Christ’s life unfolds. You will be placed on the scene, confronted up close with the painful events of the cross, but you will also see the majestic glory found in “the rest of the story.”

Evangelism (10 Weeks)

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Evangelism doesn’t have to be frustrating or intimidating. Bill Hybels and Mark Mittelberg believe that effectively communicating our faith in Christ should be the most natural thing in the world. We just need encouragement and direction. In this course, you will discover your own natural evangelism style, how to develop a contagious Christian character, to build spiritually strategic relationships, to direct conversations toward matters of faith, and to share biblical truths in everyday language.


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Who is God? How can we trust him? Where can you find answers to these questions? It’s all in a name! Meet Elohim, our powerful creator; Jehovah, the self-revealing one; Adonai, the owner of all; El Shaddai, the almighty sufficient one; and Immanuel, God with us; and gain a deeper understanding of God’s identity.

Seeking Him (10 Weeks)

Experiencing the Joy of Personal Revival

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Experience the joy that comes with personal revival! Did you know that revival means a complete transformation of your heart that impacts your home, church, and the world? In Seeking Him, Nancy Leigh DeMoss shows you the way toward freedom and the genuine holiness that comes from humility, repentance, and forgiveness. God says that if you seek Him you will find Him. What are you waiting for?

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Teaching Techniques Course (10 Weeks)

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Are your called to teach? TTC is designed to identify and strengthen the skills of saints who are called to Christian teaching utilizing Dr. Vernon’s instructional videos, along with study and oratory presentations.

**Prerequisite—must be a WORD member for one year